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What We Offer

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In working with clients, it has become clear that explaining to others what happens in Introspective Odyssey (I.O.) sessions is not easy. How does one explain life-changing transformations that take place on levels that can't be perceived by the five senses? The closest clients are able to get to in explaining to their doctors, friends, and relatives is by telling them how they felt before and after I.O. sessions.

The best way would be to experience it firsthand.

Here's an example:

A recent client who had been living with chronic migraines on a daily basis for over a decade was told by a colleague at work (who had come to I.O. for resolving her own chronic headaches) to come see us. "What is it that they do?" the client asked her colleague. The colleague tried to explain as best as she could, but told her that she just has to go and give it a try. A couple of sessions into her own I.O. journey, this client had to tell her neurologist about the I.O. work she was doing because the I.O. work was reducing the severity and occurrence of the migraines and was also influencing the effectiveness of the medications which had to be readjusted. 

We (Nick&Ruba) have come together to create Introspective Odyssey. It is the sum of something greater than both of us. Who we are and what we know has put us on our own introspective odyssey and this is what we now are sharing with you.

We believe in the multidimensionality of our nature and that each person has their own journey to take. Because of this, we are hesitant to create a pre-packaged outline to explain what your experience in each session will look like, but people want to know! So we have attempted to provide you with an overall structure to your journey.

To help explain what modalities you may experience in your journey with Nick&Ruba, click on the underlined words you are interested to know more about. Please understand that though we may offer these modalities as a stand-alone session, we typically weave them into our ongoing sessions with you.

When you decide to take your journey with Introspective Odyssey, we (all three of us) enter into an agreement to commit to the evolution of our nature.

We evolve together.

The IO Journey
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Hypnosis can be seen as a deeper form of meditation. And like meditation, the more you do it the better you get at it, and the deeper and farther you go. In a session, you'll get exactly what you need and what you are ready for.


We offer in-person and online sessions.

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IO meditations are designed to take you into your multidimensionality. Some meditations take the form of what we call "mind-walking" to get our physical being to let go and relax. Those just starting on their journey into meditation often find mind-walking a beautiful way to get into meditation. Like other skills in life, the more we practice the better we get at it.

Then there are meditations that help you look more closely at your beliefs, release what no longer helps you, and set new beliefs that support the conscious creation of how you want your life to be and feel. There is a lot of work to be done in that aspect of life and it’s through your dedication to meditation that the positive changes you seek take a hold.

Moving further into our multidimensional nature, for those who are ready and willing, there are meditations that make time stand still as we journey into other dimensions to retrieve the knowledge that we have been given access to. Please understand that this is all you.


Nick&Ruba are here as guides into your multidimensional journeys. You will go where you are ready to go and you will know what you are ready to know. Your Guides, Angels, and your greater-Self always have your best interests at the forefront. Only what you allow and what is for your greatest good will take place.

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These appointments incorporate massage therapy as a form of meditation. Much like how one would meditate to the sound of crystal bowls, through Meditation Massage one can meditate by focusing on touch.

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Unpack what's on your mind and what's in your life. Put it all on the table to sort and figure things out. What do you want to keep and what do you want to exchange for something more useful to you and how you want to live your life?

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Breath is a bridge to many things.

Here, breath is used to induce a cathartic journey where trauma has a chance to dislodge itself from your body.

Are you ready to let go and allow?

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