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Emotional Freedom Technique

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE is light tapping on acupressure points to acknowledge and release limiting beliefs, troubling emotions, and stuck places held in the physical and energy body.  With this simple self-help tool, you may quickly shift your experience into relief and open up possibility as your natural energy flows unimpeded.

As you speak of what is causing you discomfort, we (Nick&Ruba) listen deeply and ask incisive questions to identify the heart of your issue.  We look for limiting core beliefs ready to be released and rate their initial intensity. We also look for the good and the wholeness that is ever present.

We teach you a simple series of tapping to clear the belief, emotion, or pain. In successive rounds, we tap out layers of discomfort, tracking the decreasing level of intensity until it is cleared from your system.


EFT helps you dis-identify with limitations and creates more space for possibility, self-love, and acceptance. We also tap into new supporting beliefs and behaviors aligned with your higher purpose. EFT is a great take-away practice that you can use to get back on track with what is important to you.

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