Let Us Make Sure We Are Aligned

We (Nick&Ruba) have worked with hundreds of bodies over the years and have come to realize that we, as humans, are multidimensional beings and our physicality is only one aspect of our being. We've also come to understand that the body is a messenger and the life we have created for ourselves is a printout of our beliefs. (...and our beliefs are a reflection of our programming..and so on.)

To make deliberate and effective changes to your life, you must tend to as many aspects of your multidimensionality as possible.  Unfortunately, there isn't a magic pill; nor is there one person, one answer, one book, one guru, one diet, one doctor, one therapist, one session, one plan or one anything that is going to be the golden ticket that solves your issues.


You must tend to your multidimensionality.

This means: read several books; contemplate several ideas, views, and beliefs; use several foods for healing; use several modalities to optimize your body and health, and so on. Everything and everyone around you is there for your "optimization" if you chose to see. You are in charge of your healing, your life, and your journey. Taking responsibility for "what's happening to you" is one of the most effective ways to gain control of your true power.

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