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Introspective Odyssey Metaphysical Mentoring

Let Us Make Sure We Are Aligned

We have worked with hundreds of bodies over the years and have come to realize that we, as humans, are multidimensional beings and our physicality is only one aspect of our being. We've also come to understand that the body is a messenger and the life we have created for ourselves is a printout of our beliefs (and our beliefs are a reflection of our programming...and so on.)

To make deliberate and effective changes to your life, you must tend to as many aspects of your multidimensionality as possible.  Unfortunately, there isn't a magic pill; nor is there one person, one answer, one book, one guru, one diet, one doctor, one therapist, one session, one plan, or one anything that is going to be the silver bullet that solves your issues.


You must tend to your multidimensionality.

This means: reading several books; contemplating several ideas, views, and beliefs; using several foods for healing; using several modalities to optimize your body and health, and so on. Everything and everyone around you is there for your "optimization" if you chose to see it. You are in charge of your healing, your life, and your journey. Taking responsibility for "what's happening to you" is one of the most effective ways to gain control of your true power.

Ruba Moghraby

20190403 - Introspective Hypnosis Headsh
  • Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (Dolores Cannon)

  • Certified Introspective Hypnosis Practitioner (Antonio Sangio/Alba Weinman)

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Access Consciousness Practitioner

  • Licenced Massage Therapist

   It is my belief that, as multi-dimensional beings, we would be wise to tend to our multi-dimensional nature. Healing oneself on one level will not bring balance - or at least not lasting balance.

   We are amazing creatures; the most advanced "technology" there is. We hold in ourselves the keys to the inner workings of the universe.

   We, as human beings, have come through the ages searching for answers. We have compiled massive amounts of information and put it at our fingertips. Now what?

   With all our knowledge and advancements, have we made this world a better place? Are we whole? Are we complete? Are we healthy, happy, and abundant? Are we satisfied with our experiences? Is there more?

If you are yearning for balance and wish to take control of your healing and experiences, perhaps you'd consider sharing your Light with us and allow us to share our Light with you.​

Nick Nelson

The human- being is one of the Universe's most magnificent creations and the time has arrived for us to experience every moment of our lives with that knowledge flowing throughout our consciousness.

The process of stepping into the awareness of our greatness can be challenging at times due to the dualism of this existence.


When we begin to understand the role that we fulfill within the balance that must exist for all things to be, our sense of responsibility deepens, allowing us to move further into an existence of empowerment.   

Ruba and I have chosen to dedicate our life energy to assisting those that are ready to transcend into an awareness of the alignment within themselves.

Whatever frequency an individual is aligned with will reverberate into all aspects of their life, thus affecting humanity as a whole. Our goal is to assist with an alignment that reverberates Love, peace, joy, awareness, and abundance into the Universe.​

20190403 - Introspective Hypnosis Headsh
  • Hypnosis Practitioner (Achology Certified)

  • Licensed Massage Therapist (Texas)

  • Reiki Practitioner

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